Dryer Vent Cleaning Indianapolis: Technicians Promote Solar Drying

Dryer vent cleaning companies make their money cleaning, repairing and installing dryer vents, so why would they promote solar drying? Some do not; however, Dryer Vent Wizard, the nation’s largest chain of dryer vent cleaning, repair and installation companies, has their own set of values.

Yes, dryer vent cleaning is a major part of their service, but Dryer Vent Wizard also works to educate the customer. Teaching their customers about dryer vent safety and dryer efficiency is part of their service. Technicians are dedicated to promoting public awareness and energy saving tips to consumers.

The Right to Dry

Laundry detergents and fabric softener sheets are made to smell like the fresh outdoors with names like fresh-air, or clean breeze. Some people like to achieve this naturally, without the chemicals and man-made products.

Unfortunately, millions of people are denied the right to dry their laundry outside because it is considered to look unattractive to some homeowner associations. Neighbors complain about the view making the area appear to be poverty stricken. They have concerns about property values declining.

Exercising your Right to Dry

Are you living in an area that prohibits the use of a clothesline? Would you like to be permitted to line dry your laundry to save energy and reduce carbon emission going into the atmosphere?

Here are some things you can do to get involved with the Right-to-Dry Movement:

Encourage your state legislators to introduce a Right to Dry bill

Register your community with Project Laundry List at http://www.laundrylist.org/component/artforms/?formid=1 and learn more about these issues

Most clothesline restrictions are at the community association level. They impose fines and evict transgressors. There are also cities and towns that prohibit clotheslines.

Dryer Vent Wizard is not worried about losing business to the clothesline and drying racks. In fact, they promote green practices to reduce energy consumption.

Dryer Vent Wizard wants to remind everyone that dryer vent cleaning is recommended at least once a year. Large families who are doing more laundry should have their dryer vents cleaned more often … or line-dry some of their laundry.

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